06/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning! 12 Ways to Love Yourself - Part 1

OK! So here we are, APRIL of 2010! Wow, the year has gone by SOOO fast hasn't it? Not to long ago we were all making our New Year's Resolutions and waving goodbye to 2009.

A quarter of the year is past, which means there's still enough time to get on with it in 2010 and step into your best life! If you haven't kept your resolutions realized your goals or are struggling to find meaning in your life perhaps you are forgetting to LOVE YOURSELF?

It's time to do a spring cleaning of all those doubts, fears, insecurities and negative thought patterns that are keeping the good stuff out. The first step towards fulfillment in any area of life is to Love Yourself!

Loving yourself isn't a purely selfish or narcissistic thing, it's necessary to love yourself so you can set yourself on a proper path and be so full of love and life that you leave a positive impact on everyone's life that you touch!

If you could use a little more self-lovin here are 12 Ways to full up your cup with the potent elixir of Self-Love so you will have more to share with others. You can only give away what you have!

12. Express Your Needs

If we could all just be Jedis it would make the world much easier, but alas we are not. It's true -- NO ONE can read your mind. It might be hard and a little scary to speak up, but if you're not standing up for and expressing your needs in a relationship it's likely you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Put yourself on the line and express your needs. You'll know right away if this relationship is a keeper or not.

11. Embrace the moment

It's been said over and over again, yet it's one of the hardest lessons to learn. This moment is perfect. You are just where you need to be. Nothing is wrong. If you wish your circumstances to be different the first step is accepting the present moment. Once you've made the changes you want to make it still comes back to accepting the present moment. Right now is the only place happiness can exists and paradoxically happiness can only be had once right now is totally accepted.

10. Let go of the past by accepting it

You can't wish, deny or push yourself away from what happened. As much as you want to let go of the past, it's impossible. The more you resist and try to push away what happened the more it will be right there staring you in the face. The only way to "let go" of the past is to accept that is happened and become friends with anything that was sad, negative or traumatic. Your acceptance of the past is the magical energy that will transform darkness into light and totally change your world. Let go by accepting, yes! This is a BIG one!

9. Acknowledge your fears

Once you shine a light on the darkness, it's gone. It's that simple. Stare at your fears, go to them and let them out. Once your fears are acknowledged they turn into assets. If you try to run from your fears they will pile up and create a massive roadblock to your highest potential. It is the act of facing your fears that manifests your highest potential. Do a U-turn and say hello!

8. Forgive yourself

You did the best you could you know. You have new information, new life experience now - of course you would do things differently now. But wallowing in the past about what happened ... NOT SMART! If you can forgive yourself for what happened THEN you will be able to forgive others and get on with the fun stuff, which is actually LIVING your life! Forgive yourself and let the good times roll, baby!

7. Move Your Body

Your body is meant to sweat, to be tested, stretched and strengthened. A friend of mine told me recently how a difference in attitude is everything by illustrating two different friends' responses to the same situation. Both were tired, one woman, very overweight said, "I'm tired, I'm going to take a nap." Their other friend said, "I'm tired, I'm going for a run."

When we move, our body wakes up, regenerates and is grateful for being used. I don't care what you do, the gym, yoga, getting out doors... But I care deeply that you break a sweat at least once a day for an hour. In ten years your body will thank you.

Keeping active is a major way to Love Yourself...

Next week I will post the last six ways you can Love Yourself for spring cleaning! Until then... loving you is loving me -- so I say -- I love you!