Jialeshuei: A Virtual Tour of Taiwan's Bizarre Southeastern Coastline

11/30/2010 03:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Matt Gibson Writer, photographer, award-winning outdoors adventure blogger and CEO at Xpat.Media

On the east side of Taiwan's southern tip is a bizarre landscape where three layers of rock (deep ocean stratum, sandstone, and coastal rocks) have been shaped by the relentless pounding of waves and shearing of high winds into unearthly formations. The area is called Jialeshuei (which roughly translates to beautiful happy waters), but it looks like the surface of Mars. It's the kind of place where geologists act giddy, photographers wet their pants, and bearded backpackers with tribal tattoos say, "Dude, we totally gotta eat some mushrooms here."

Here are some pictures of it.