10/27/2011 03:48 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Sal Khan: Celebrity Math Tutor

He is arguably the most famous math tutor in the world.

Both founder and faculty, Sal Khan is the visionary and voice behind one of the most innovative and successful online platforms in education called Khan Adacemy. If you are of the 87 million who have watched one of his videos, you will likely recognize his voice. Maybe he has even taught you about "Conic Identification or "Ponzi Schemes"

The Harvard EdCast took a few minutes this month to get to know Sal Khan and candidly explore his pedagogy. How does Khan prepare for a new lesson and what goes into the selection process? Does Khan have a favorite subject to teach? What is the future of Khan Academy? Much more than just the man behind the monitor, Khan is changing the way in which the world learns, all while adjusting to the glamorous celebrity life of international online tutoring. (Click on podcast icon below for interview.)

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