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Matt Wilstein

Matt Wilstein


The 10 Funniest Presidential Impressions (VIDEO)

Posted: 02/20/11 11:26 AM ET

In honor of Presidents' Day, here are some of the best impressions of the 44 men who have led this country over the last two hundred and twenty two years. Yes, many of these hail from Saturday Night Live and can be found in Ron Howard's epic Funny or Die Presidential Reunion. But impressions of Presidents also pop up in some more unexpected places. Happy Presidents Day! More comedy videos at:

Jay Pharoah as Barack Obama
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When Jay Pharoah joined the cast of SNL last year, there was a lot of speculation as to whether Fred Armisen was about to be replaced as President Obama. Even though, they've let Pharoah do impressions of just about every other prominent black man on the planet, he still hasn't gotten a chance to show the world his solid Obama.
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