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Top 5 Comedy Videos of the Week (via Gotcha Media)

The beginning of last week was dominated by the MTV Movie Awards. For all the griping about the gratuitous profanity and Twilight victories, the show did produce some genuinely funny moments. This award show is never about the actual awards and acceptance speeches (though Ken Jeong's emotional speech stood out). It's about the comedy sketches. And lucky for MTV, they had Aziz Ansari on hand as host. Aziz got to shine as Precious, in the Human Giant reunion, and in his short but solid sketch with Zach Galifianakis. He was admittedly overshadowed by Tom Cruise as Les Grossman who opened the show and delivered a high point in his dance with J. Lo. When it came down to it though, the hands-down highlight of the night for me was Aziz doing his R. Kelly impersonation, climaxing with the cathartic "Fuck You BP" refrain.

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The next big event of the week was Steve Jobs' presentation of the iPhone 4 at the WWDC on Monday. The usually unflappable Jobs started to sweat at one point when his demo failed to connect to WiFi, prompting one audience member to shout out a suggestion: "Verizon!" While that video was funny in an uncomfortable way, it was quickly followed up by this video from's Electric Spoofaloo, which pitted the new iPhone against Jane Lynch.

A new group calling itself Make Homosexuals Marry launched this week with a short film/PSA starring Mike White and Justin Long as a married couple who are just as miserable as most straight married couple. We'll see if their reverse psychology strategy has any effect on public opinion or the Prop 8 trial, set to wrap up this week.

For the last several weeks, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been trying valiantly to find some comedy in the BP oil spill. The Daily Show's "Ass Quest 2010" and the Colbert Report's ass-kicking of BP CEO Tony Hayward were both funny in their own right. But the best satire to date of the entire disaster came this week from a group of relatively unknown comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade. In the sketch "BP Spills Coffee" we got the type of social commentary of the situation that has been hard to come by (and that SNL could never pull off).

One thing the Daily Show got right this week was its World Cup coverage. A very fortunate John Oliver will be reporting live from South Africa this week (presumably for real and not via green screen). But on Thursday Oliver submitted his first report on the U.S. vs. England game, which ended in a thrilling tie on Saturday afternoon.

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