05/16/2010 08:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week: What We Watched on Gotcha Media

Everyone was still coming down from a Betty White-induced high at the the beginning of this week. We got to watch her decompress Wednesday night with Jay Leno (I'm assuming she slept straight through Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). The big TV event of next weekend will no doubt be the two hour finale of Lost. There are plenty of real and fake spoilers floating around the internet, but my favorite came from the reliable LandlineTV, who offered their version of the final scene, which imagined Lost as a sitcom.

In the world of late night, Jimmy Kimmel had a couple of strong contenders last week, with Michael Bolton's School and Michael Bolton and the "Look Everyone, I Capped the Well" competition. But it was the latest edition of Lewis Black's "Back in Black" segment on The Daily Show that stole everyone's thunder. I tend to find Black's rants a bit overly aggressive for my taste, but his screed against Glenn Beck and his "Nazi Tourette's" was the best Beck commentary since Jon Stewart impersonated him for 15 minutes straight. Not to be outdone, Colbert followed up strongly the next day with his report on Glenn Beck's MLK complex, complete with a replication of The Price is Right's Cliff Hangers game. If only for the fact that we can now watch this many clips of Beck talking about Nazis in one place, I have to give it up for Lewis Black.

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It had been a while since we'd heard from the guys of Derrick Comedy. With Donald Glover hard at work on Community and stand-up, it's not too surprising that they've been quiet lately. It's also not surprising that when they did return this week with a new video presenting "Gink," a new ambiguous thing that will revolutionize the internet, it was hilarious.

There was just no way that the Alec Baldwin-hosted SNL season finale was going to live up to the previous week's Betty White-mania. But the episode did deliver a few great moments. Baldwin's monologue/commencement address referenced people who watch the show on their computers on Monday morning and featured a nice little Steve Martin cameo. Andy Samberg produced possibly his most elaborate digital short yet, with more explicit drug references than you typically find on the show. But for me, the funniest sketch of the night was the one in which Alec Baldwin asks the hooker with the heart of gold (AKA Jenny Slate) for a hand job.

Finally, in honor of tonight's premiere of Adult Swim's Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule (a show that I am getting very excited about), here's a clip of John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule showing you how to make "real sushi sandwiches."

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