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On The Road Again...

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The DoubleSpeak team has hit the road and we are en route to New Hampshire. Currently, we're jamming to NPR and are fully wifi'd as we roll up I-95 in a Toyota minivan. Today will consist of a long trudge in the minivan driving toward the eye of the storm (this is not a political reference but rather a nod to most recent weather forecast) to begin a whirlwind tour of the state.

In case you are not (yet) a dedicated DoubleSpeaker I will give you some background. In the fall of 2006, my brother Peter, our producer Josh Skaroff and I hit the open road, traveling over 10,000 miles and interviewing dozens of top-tier candidates running for office across the Northeast, Midwest, and Mountain West. We profiled a variety of different political environments in a unique cycle, detailing the project with audio episodes, pictures and analysis from the road.

This time around our team has grown and now includes documentary filmmaker Cameron Hickey of Pattern Films. We're taking the project to the next level as we add daily video.

Packing the Van
Producer Josh Skaroff packing the van

We will be in New Hampshire through primary night. As we drive across the frozen New England tundra we'll be hitting all of the important events, rallies, press conferences, debates, activist events and get out the vote efforts. Tune into DoubleSpeak for a unique and funny take on primary politics all day and all week long.

Shoot us an email at if you have any thoughts or suggestions for places to go, folks to interview or places to eat in the Granite State!

Stay tuned for more posts today and we'll be filing a report from the Red Roof Inn tonight. We're looking forward to working with OffTheBus and providing you unique ground-level coverage of a thrilla in, well, New Hampshire.


P.S. We will be including at least one religious symbol in each of our video dispatches that you must spot. Should you be the first to identify the symbol and post a comment you will receive a very special prize involving Mike Huckabee, a bass guitar and a delicious chocolate slim-fast shake.