What's the Matter with Illinois?

04/15/2014 04:18 pm ET | Updated Jun 15, 2014


What really is wrong with Illinois? The Wall Street Journal took a look at the Land of Lincoln compared with our neighbors in the Great Lakes region -- specifically Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin -- to see the economic progress, or lack thereof, Illinois has made in the past five years.

It's not a pretty picture The Wall Street Journal paints. While Illinois' unemployment rate has dropped marginally over the past five years, the unemployment rates in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin have dropped more substantially.

There are other areas where Illinois is lagging behind her Great Lakes brethren, but you don't know us to tell you about that when you can read about it yourself.

There are some cities in Illinois, however, that can avoid the question of what is the matter with them. That's because they have the lowest unemployment rates in Illinois. We've got the top ten of them.