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Overloaded: 7 Things You Should Know About Your Internet-Interrupted Brain (PHOTOS)

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Information is physical. Nicholas Carr's excellent new book The Shallows looks at what happens if we spend eight or more hours a day jockeying with the internet, video games and cell phones. Turns out, it changes the brain. A lot. Here are the ways in which information-overload negatively affects cognitive functioning, plus some ways to regain your brain.

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So it's time to take your brain back. Use it. Enjoy it. Challenge it. Walk in a park -- you'll grow new brain cells. On your walk back from work, sing a song and move to the music. Read a book -- from cover to cover. Cook a meal with the kids.

Don't worry. Your computer, cell phone, iPad, and video consoles will do just fine without you.
They won't miss you at all.

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