07/21/2010 05:51 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

'Inception': 9 Surprising Sleep Facts From the Movie (PHOTOS)

"Am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I'm a man?" Chuang Tzu asked 2,300 years ago. In Christopher Nolan's stylish sleep thriller "Inception" he answers we're both -- butterfly and man.

Yet the science behind Inception is more surreal than the film, whose lovingly layered plot still underplays the wonderfully weird wildness of dreams. So, dream thief Mr. Cobb, what about your job is science fiction and what's science?

(Spoiler alert: plot elements are revealed)

INCEPTION: 9 Surprising Sleep Facts From The Movie

But I could be wrong. We may need to wait for Neo to return in a fourth Matrix film, and tell us whether Inception is a movie or just another computer simulation playing inside our consciousness.

Or we can sleep on it.