Bruce Springsteen Suspended for Crotch Slide

03/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An otherwise magnificent Super Bowl was marred by an ugly incident in the half time show as rocker Bruce Springsteen slid crotch-first into a cameraman. After assaulting the innocent cameraman, the malicious Springsteen can be seen, on video, laughing maniacally. Take a look

Shortly after the shameful incident, the Commissioner of Rock held a press conference denouncing Springsteen's actions. Take a look.

As you heard in the video, the Commissioner has rightly suspended Springsteen for what was clearly an unsportsman-like crotch slide. And we, as Americans, should support his decision.

Now I do not have any children, but, I can only imagine the horror and confusion any that an impressionable young child must be going through after having Mr. Springsteen's pelvis slammed into their television screen.

First it was Janet Jackson's nipple, and now this! I'm beginning to think that maybe we should just cancel the Super Bowl all together.