10/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Exclusive "Not Seen On TV" Video Of Sarah Palin's First Interview

By now we've all heard that Sarah Palin has decided to grant an exclusive two-part interview to the reporter the campaign has deemed will treat her with "deference and respect". We all thought that first interview was going to be with ABC's Charles Gibson. Little did we know how wrong we were.

It turns out Sarah has just taped an interview with someone who truly understands her endless stream of embarrassing scandals. Take a look.

What struck me the most is how much she cares about her family. From her "secessionist" husband to the newest member of the Palin clan, Levi. If only I, as a godless liberal, could experience those kind of family values.

So, sorry Charile. Jerry's the man. In part two, Jerry and Sarah discuss the complexities of the of the situation in Iraq. They delve into the minute details of the Anbar Awakening. They opine on the growing tensions with Russia. They discuss potential solutions for the housing crisis.

Then Sarah hits Jerry with a chair.