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Designing an Inspired Holiday Table

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there are so many things to think about if you are hosting dinner or a cocktail party to celebrate. As Thanksgiving tends to focus on gathering around a table or large displays of food, I thought it might be the perfect moment to discuss a unique, inspired and personalized approach to decorating your table and home. I'm an obsessive collector of beautiful objects. These pieces range from delicate antiques to flea market finds and they come together in all sorts of unexpected scenarios when I'm decorating.

One very important tip to keep in mind as you hunt and gather decorative accents for your space is to remember you need options! If you collect vintage silver, look for trays in different shapes, tall vases and low, wide bowls. Always keep your eye open for the unexpected object, as well. That random little trophy or tea tin might provide the touch of whimsy your décor is missing. I consider these random surprises to be the glue that holds a decorative display together. You want to keep things interesting and unique. When design is predictable and perfect everyone loses interest quickly. Keep that inspired, whimsical spirit in everything you do at home and it will infuse your next party with the perfect dash of personal style.

With a background in fine art, I tend to gravitate toward creating eclectic still-life vignettes for a more interesting centerpiece or decorative accent. You can really tell a story with these still-life moments and the unexpected objects paired with food or flowers will bring a whole new life to your décor. If you are bored with the classic autumn palette of orange, burgundy and gold try limiting your approach and work with only green textures. Fall is all about texture and by using only green the final result will look fresh and sophisticated.

In the following images I used some of my favorite objects, such as a small metal bird, a gold flower, wood boxes and unique vases all paired with lush ferns, cascading ivy, fresh woodland moss and bold green leaves. The monochromatic palette pulls all of the seemingly random objects together and creates a perfect frame for the eclectic décor. The great thing about this approach is you probably have a treasure of eclectic objects and accessories in your basement, attic or grandmother's house!

Never underestimate the magic that can occur when you start to open boxes of collectibles, heirlooms and special objects from the past. These are wonderful and meaningful pieces that can easily be incorporated into your décor. Just remember to choose a simple, clean palette such as the one I'm featuring here, which focuses on bold green tones paired with vintage metallic tones such as brass, gold and copper. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you can put together after selecting your favorite pieces from your own collection. Also, keep the flowers simple. You don't need hundreds of varieties or color options. Flowers will finish and unify the look. They are that last touch to add color, a little romance and seasonal inspiration. Have fun and enjoy setting your Thanksgiving tables!

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