Surging from Where?

07/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apparently McCain has come around to the long held position of progressives that we need more troops in Afghanistan. McCain's change in positions is welcome. But there is a big question McCain needs to answer: Where are the troops going to come from?

We don't have any spare capacity in our ground forces. A few months ago the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, General Cody noted that:

The combat readiness of the total Army (active units, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve) is in tatters... The simple fact is that the United States currently does not have enough troops who are ready and available for potential contingency missions in places like Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, or anywhere else...

The only way to significantly increase troops in Afghanistan is to reduce our forces in Iraq -- as Senator Obama is proposing. So is McCain proposing a drawdown from Iraq -- and if so by how much? If he isn't -- then this is just another vapid and incoherent policy proposal from John McCain.