05/10/2008 06:13 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

If GodTube is Worth $30 Million, How Much Do I Hear For

It was a Revelation for me to read today that got $30 million in financing to start a youtube-like service for Christians to upload spiritual videos onto the Internet. Like a lot of New Economy types, (people who started dot-coms back in the mid-1990's), I keep an eyed peeled for appealing domain names to buy and 'warehouse.' If you get the timing right, you can sell them for huge premiums. Why build the business when you can just sell the name? My biggest score so far is I paid $9 for it and sold it for $7,000 to a company that appeared to have some connection to Microsoft but I couldn't say for sure. In my URL inventory warehouse I have quite a collection of names with 'p2p' in them. I also have a bunch of URL's with 'meme.' I think memes will big huge in the next couple of years and monetizing memes will be the next, next, big thing especially since the art of speaking in complete sentences is giving way to meaningfully spewing syllables.

I also own Now that GodTube looks like it's going to be a multi billion dollar winner I'm starting to wonder whether I should wait and sell as this space gets hot, or maybe I should develop it on my own. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother, but maybe there's a spiritualistic play here that would get me in good with the Big Guy. This of course would require money though. I hate spending money. Christ 1.0 and I share this habit. I still have the first dollar I made selling shares in Nippon Steel to clients when I was working at PaineWebber 25 years ago (they were .50 cents back then, now, if I'm reading this stock table right, it appears they are trading for over $40 -- out performing even Berkshire Hathaway's stock over the same 25 year period).

So maybe I should develop and flip it for $1 billion dollars in a few years time? God's price can't help but go up now that the Depression 2.0 is taking hold and people are turning away from Mammon and returning to the Big Book. Here's my plan. The site would be focused on taking the social networking phenomenon to the next level: miracles. Users would register on the site and upload their spiritual condition, beliefs, angel sightings, satanic meanderings, hopes, dreams, sexual proclivities (if they're priests), and prayers.

Prayers are the 'currency' that drives Each user would track in their 'church' or 'biblical account' 'congregation' members they were praying for. They would also be able to track who else was praying the same thing, and who was praying for them; and a demographic as well as a psychographic break down of users -- providing a data-enhanced, algorithmic enabled 'transcendence path' allowing for exo-corporal digital enlightenment without leaving your keyboard. LOL (laughing out loud) will be seen less on the web, replaced with POL (praying out loud).

Praying for yourself would not be allowed and the database would be set up to steer 'vain' people into slow baud rates or 'purgatory.' This feature would have appeal to the MPAA and RIAA who are always looking for ways to slow down people's access to data and entertainment and I'm sure Hollywood will be happy to promote DVD's in Purgatory.

The compounding effect of the social network, or 'network externality,' as Robert Metcalfe the co-inventor of Ethernet and the author of Metcalfe's Law -- that states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of users -- might say, would create a 'Heaven on Earth' effect. Now, if you apply this to the masses, this new spiritual prayer network means that each addition of a pilgrim to the network expands the power of the network's spirituality and healing powers by its square root. If Google is worth 150 billion thanks to Metcalfe's Law think what the value of humanity would be if humanity started praying in unison and for each other via a telecommunications network -- more than Exxon's 450 billion? Maybe buy Exxon, shut it down, and extend the life expectancy of humans on planet Earth by a few years. God's work for sure.

Net, net, the network externality or 'net prayer overage' that is emanating from the site should be sufficient to actuate miracles.

The miraculous powers of the site would accrue with each success story. This virtual Lourdes could support 1 billion users relatively cheaply and could possible herald the second coming of the saviour in a more cost effective way than suggested in the New Testament.

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