11/26/2011 12:55 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2012

'Tis The Season

I listened to music on October 18, 2011, and I liked it.There's only one reason for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I mean it's fun dressing up in a costume and getting candy and having dinner with family, but Christmas is my favorite time of year. The idea of people actually trying to be nice to each other and giving (and receiving) gifts just brings joy to my heart. The only thing I love more than Christmas and Nancy Drew books is Christmas music. Although Christmas is about two months away, I find myself listening to it. If Justin Bieber can record an album in July, I am entitled to listening to Christmas music in the privacy of my own room, since that is the agreement in my household. It's a harsh world!

Now I don't find anything wrong with listening to Christmas music, since it is a genre of music much like pop or heavy metal. If somebody wants to blare Metallica from their car, I can blast Michael Buble's Christmas CD if I choose. As long as I pay for gas, my choice in music should be up to me -- right, Katie?

I can't say what draws me to Christmas music but I distinctly remember listening to Jessica Simpson's Christmas album while driving through the winding hills of Ireland, during my second visit. In some cases, I can listen to songs that discuss the change in temperature such as "Winter Wonderland" or "Baby, It's Cold Outside." This works in my favor, especially due to the October storm that occurred right before Halloween. It almost felt right to dress up as Santa for Halloween, even though that idea fell flat among family members.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and as soon as Black Friday is upon us, I will be blasting Christmas music until I am told to stop. I look forward to the nights of listening to John Tesh giving me "Intelligence for Your Life" while driving around looking at Christmas lights. It's never to early or late to start listening.