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February 1, 2015

SOTU's Optimism, Populism, Patriotism


After Obama's popular SOTU agenda to "I won twice," Matalin and Corn debate if he will shape the next two years or 10 with his framework of An Economy for All. Sure looks like he has already now that McConnell and Romney agree the rich have gotten richer at the expense of the poor! Is Boehner-Bibi payback for Speaker forced to sit glumly for an hour?

Andrew Sullivan
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

Andrew Sullivan: Should I Keep The Blog?


HuffPost's DC Chief Responds To Obama's Warning Not To Read The Site

Donald Trump Bill Oreilly
Joe Robbins via Getty Images

Bill O'Reilly And Donald Trump Are Having A Few Issues

Sharyl Attkisson
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

No Evidence That Sharyl Attkisson's Computer Was Hacked

Today Superbowl

WATCH: 'Today' Show Debuts Its Super Bowl Ad

Gwen Ifill
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

'PBS NewsHour' Leads The Way In Climate Coverage Among Nightly News

Al Jazeera English
Benjamin Lowy via Getty Images

Al Jazeera English News Director Thankful For Email Leaks

Megyn Huckabee
Fox News

Megyn Kelly Schools Huckabee On His 'Trashy' Women Comments

Blue Balls

Auto Insurer Says NBC Pulled Its Super Bowl Ads Over 'Blue Balls' Joke

Mika Brzezinski Kitten

Mika Brzezinski's Daughter Is Getting A Kitten For Her Birthday

New Republic Cover
The New Republic

The New Republic Confronts Its 'Perceived Legacy Of Racism'

Mike Pence

Gov. Mike Pence Scraps Plan To Launch News Outlet

Nos Dutch
FRANCK FIFE via Getty Images

Teen Enters Dutch Broadcaster With Fake Pistol, Demands Airtime

TIME Asks Teens The Same Questions Their 1965 Counterparts Answered -- Here's What Hasn't Changed

Time Magazine Teen Cover
Time Magazine
Maddow Palin

Rachel Maddow Goes On Letterman To Laugh At Potential 2016 Candidates

Jimmy Kimmel

News Anchors Have Some Seriously Unfortunate Names

Bill Oreilly Fox News
Donna Svennevik via Getty Images

Bill O'Reilly Fires Back At Sarah Palin

How To Stream The Super Bowl For Free Online In 2015

NBC Sports


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Andrew Sullivan Jo Becker
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

Andrew Sullivan Is Retiring From Blogging For The Best Reason

Jason Rezaian
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Washington Post Journalist May Face Trial 'Soon'

Cory Mccloskey

It's 1,000 Degrees In Arizona, But This Weatherman Kept His Cool

Bloomberg Business
Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg Unveils New 'Flagship Digital Destination'

Shep Lemon

Shep Smith Rips Don Lemon's 'Blizzardmobile'

Andrew Sullivan
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

Andrew Sullivan Quits Blogging

De Blasio Storm

Mayor Bill De Blasio Doesn't Regret Storm Precautions: 'You Can't Put A Price On Safety'

Dr Drew Nancy Grace

Dr. Drew And Nancy Grace Duke It Out Over Marijuana Legalization

Mike Pence