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October 4, 2015

GOP DEBATE -- Did CNN Fail to Cross-Examine Pandering to Basest of Base?

Debates are better than monologues to inform voters, but what happens when a major cable channel refuses to ask follow-up questions of 11 conservatives who agree on almost all issues? Lowry and LaMarche debate how Fiorina/Trump/Jeb did, and what it means when a majority of a party supports or admires a kook?

How A Data-Driven Approach Is Reducing Homicides In Colombia

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg States Support For Bloomberg Politics After Report He's Soured On Star Journalists

Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Trevor Noah: America Should Elect Trump As Its 'First African President'

Trevor Noah Donald Trump
Comedy Central

Media Need To Change How They Cover Mass Shootings

Athena Image
JOSH EDELSON via Getty Images

Megyn Kelly And Don Lemon Spar Over Whether Media Should Name Oregon Shooter

Athena Image
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

News for the Newsless: Snapchat Seeks to Become the Anti-Twitter for the Young and the Underinformed

Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

Fox News Host: Teen Clockmaker Is 'Not As Innocent As He Seems'

Fox News Host

Kevin McCarthy Don't Speak English So Good, Rachel Maddow Implies

Msnbc Rachel Maddow

Syrian Blogger Offers An Intimate View Of Life In A War Zone

Athena Image

Bill Simmons Accuses ESPN Of Being An NFL Mouthpiece

Athena Image
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

EU Commissioner: I Get All My U.S. Politics From 'The Daily Show'

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Watch Don Lemon Ask Donald Trump If He's Homophobic And Racist

Cnn Don Lemon

Seth Meyers' Planned Parenthood Argument Makes GOP Look Silly ... Well, Sillier

Planned Parenthood

Bloomberg Businessweek Editor-In-Chief Josh Tyrangiel Resigns

Philadelphia City Paper To Cease Print Publication

Athena Image
BananaStock via Getty Images

CNBC Preserves 'Undercard' Debate

Athena Image

Epic Troll Defends Edward Scissorhands In Segment On Edward Snowden


Here's How The Latest Cover Of Philadelphia Magazine Should Have Looked

Philly Magazine
Twitter: @mindyisser


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Huge Leaked-Audio Revelation! Hillary Clinton Still Supports Thing!

Athena Image
Scott Olson/Getty Images

'The Daily Caller' Just Stooped To A New Low With This Islamophobic Post

The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller

'Serial,' Your 2014 Podcast Obsession, Is Becoming A TV Show

Athena Image
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Vatican Watcher Scooped National Media On Pope Francis Meeting Kim Davis

Athena Image
Pool via Getty Images

Indian Women Are 'Loitering' At Night To Make A Powerful Point

Why Loiter

Fox News And CNN Win Cable Network Ratings Wars In Third Quarter

German Publisher Buys Business Insider For $343 Million

Schriftzugaxel Springer

Lisa Ling: America Has 'No Shortage Of Stories'

Cnn Lisa Ling This Is Life

ABC Couldn't Tell The Difference Between These Indian Actresses

Priyanka Chopra Yukta Mookhey