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June 30, 2015

Guess Who's Back! (Maybe Mitt Romney, According To Area Man.)

It sure looked like the notion that Romney might take another crack at this was well and surely put to bed. But this week, one man started having funny feelings about Romney again. Feelings he just couldn't shake.

Surprise: 'Fox & Friends' Defends Donald Trump After NBC Cuts Ties

Fox Friends Trump

TV Station Staffs Rival Channel's Newsroom So Employees Can Attend Colleague's Funeral

Bob Barry Oklahoma

14 Times When Life Completely Imitated The Onion

The Onion Newspaper
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

WHAT'S WORKING: One Way Seattle Is Improving Schools, As Told By A Cartoonist

Solutions Comic
Bright/Robyn Jordan

John Oliver Shows Just How Far The Transgender Community Still Has To Go

John Oliver
Last Week Tonight

WHOOPS: New York Post, Daily News Have Identical Front Page Headlines

Ny Post David

Egypt Court Will Issue Verdict To Al Jazeera Journalists On July 30

Mohamed Fahmy Greste

CNN Mistakes Sex Toy Flag For ISIS Flag At Gay Pride

Cnn Isis Flag Gay Pride

John Oliver On 5 Years Of GOP Pundits Declaring The End Of Obamacare

Last Week Tonight

Bob Costas Doesn't Have Time For Your Bulls--t Pitching Performance

Bob Costas
Tom Pennington via Getty Images

Gannett Completes Split Of Print, Broadcasting Divisions

Gannett Company
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Donald Trump Pressed On How 'Traditional' His 3 Marriages Are

Donald Trump Gay Marriage
Christopher Gregory via Getty Images

'Fox & Friends' Interview On France Terror Attack Takes Awkward Turn

Fox Friends France
Fox News

Bob Beckel Is 'Baffled' By Fox News' Announcement To Let Him Go

Bob Beckel Fox News
Noam Galai via Getty Images

Beautiful Photos Of Celebrations Outside Supreme Court After Gay Marriage Decision

Gay Marriage Photos
dcitycyclist / Instagram

What's Working: How One Small City Is Helping Veterans Return To Civilian Life

New York Veterans Homeless

George W. Misses Doing WHAT On Air Force One?!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jon Stewart Shows How Antonin Scalia Is A Total Hypocrite

Daily Show/Comedy Central


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Stewart: Forget Traditional Marriage, Let's Preserve Traditional Sea Levels

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

Turkish Journalists Denied Entry To Israel

Turkeys Foreign Minister
EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images

Journalist Jailed In Zimbabwe For Publishing Newspaper

Zimbabwe Newspaper
STR via Getty Images

Donald Trump Claims He Will Sue Univision For 'Hundreds Of Millions' Over Miss USA

Donald Trump

Glenn Beck Tells Don Lemon He Shouldn't Have Used 'That Word' On TV

Glenn Beck

Dear Vogue, Cara Delevingne's Bisexuality Is Not A 'Phase'

Cara Delevingne
John Phillips via Getty Images

Watch Obama Discuss Climate Change With Naturalist Sir David Attenborough

Barack Obama Science
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

Paul LePage Jokes About Shooting Newspaper Cartoonist

Paul Lepage

Online Therapy Could Revolutionize Treatment For Mental Health Conditions

Depression Therapy
AFP via Getty Images