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Andrew Miller


Unlike Anderson Cooper, Many Out LGBT Journalists Paid the Price and Paved the Way

Andrew Miller | Posted July 5, 2012

Unlike Anderson Cooper, I didn't want to wait until I had a contract with the largest cable network in the United States -- and millions and millions of dollars in the bank as a result -- before I came out.

My career in journalism, born of a desire to...

John Becker


On Anderson Cooper and the 'Private Lives' of LGBT People

John Becker | Posted July 5, 2012

This week's news that Anderson Cooper had finally come out of the closet brought a smile to my face. Sure, it wasn't a watershed moment like the 1997 coming-out of Ellen DeGeneres, but it does carry significance. After all, his show is viewed every night by millions of people...

Parvez Ahmed


Appreciating Islam's Contribution to Civilization

Parvez Ahmed | Posted July 5, 2012

Nearly four in 10 Americans hold an unfavorable view of Islam and Muslims. That number has remained steady since 9/11. Several factors contribute to this negative perception, certainly none greater than Muslims, albeit a few, committing terrorism in the name of Islam. The media exasperates this negativity, as...

Hal Herzog


Cancer, Oral Sex and Presidential Politics: Did Bill Clinton Cause an Increase in Throat Cancer?

Hal Herzog | Posted July 5, 2012

One of my favorite toys from the wunderkinds who gave us Google Earth is Google's Ngram Viewer. Ngram is a free and easy to use graphics program that tracks the ebb and flow of ideas through a culture. At its heart is a massive data set consisting of 500...

Waymon Hudson


Cultural Comfort Levels: Anderson Cooper, Coming Out, and Visibility

Waymon Hudson | Posted July 5, 2012

This week's news of CNN anchor and daytime talk show host Anderson Cooper officially coming out as gay really didn't come as a shock to many. Cooper, who finally came out in an email to the Daily Dish's Andrew Sullivan, cited "professional reasons" for his long-standing silence about...

Chris Jancelewicz


Review: Savages Overdoses On Itself

Chris Jancelewicz | Posted July 5, 2012

On the surface, Oliver Stone's Savages seems to have it all -- lots of sex, gun violence, drug use, beautiful California landscapes and a killer cast -- but once the film starts, it comes raging at you with all the grace of a monkey shooting off...

Roy Speckhardt


Five Recommendations for a New Politeness

Roy Speckhardt | Posted July 5, 2012

For many of us, the first and most important lesson from our childhood is the Golden Rule. In a graduation speech at the University of Notre Dame, even President Obama made reference to it when he said

For if there is one law that we can be most...
Clarence B. Jones


Reflections on 'Fast and Furious' and Supreme Court Decision on Health Care

Clarence B. Jones | Posted July 5, 2012

For the first time in the history of the United States, a Cabinet Secretary -- the Attorney General -- has been voted by members of Congress to be "in contempt of Congress." No Cabinet Secretary in the executive branch of the government, on any matter whatsoever, with or without the...

Daniel Kikuo Ichinose


Data on Asian American Success Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

Daniel Kikuo Ichinose | Posted July 5, 2012

This country's fastest growing racial group, Asian Americans, comes from all walks of life. Some are doctors or lawyers, others work in restaurants or nail salons. Many were born in the United States, most are immigrants. They have roots in countries throughout Asia, including Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, India,...

Annette Bourdeau


Savages: The Slow Evolution Of Blake Lively

Annette Bourdeau | Posted July 5, 2012

Blake Lively has taken a lot of heat for her wooden, mumbly performances in flicks like The Town and Green Lantern. That's why many an eyebrow was raised when acclaimed director Oliver Stone cast her as the female lead (and narrator!) of his latest film, Savages....

Edward Wasserman


What's Wrong With 'Plagiarizing' Your Own Work?

Edward Wasserman | Posted July 5, 2012

Jonah Lehrer is a science writer who at age 30 is at the top of his game. He has written three books, two of them bestsellers, his articles and columns run in the country's best newspapers and magazines, and he has parlayed his publishing success into online celebrity and star...

Tom Engelhardt


The Military Solution

Tom Engelhardt | Posted July 5, 2012

The Lessons Washington Can't Draw From the Failure of the Military Option

Cross-posted with

Americans may feel more distant from war than at any time since World War II began.  Certainly, a smaller percentage of us -- less than 1 percent -- serves...

Shira Lazar


VidCon 2012: iJustine and Dane Boe on Turning 'The Annoying Orange' Into a TV Show

Shira Lazar | Posted July 5, 2012

Fun fact: Favorite YouTube vlogger, blogger, gamer, and bubbly personality, iJustine cyberstalked Annoying Orange creator Dane Boe for a part on the comedic web series. Not that it's a rule of thumb or anything, but it definitely worked and landed her the ongoing role of Passion Fruit.

Since truly...

Jeff Jarvis


Verizon Thinks the Internet Is Its Newspaper

Jeff Jarvis | Posted July 5, 2012

Verizon makes its arguments against the FCC's net neutrality rules -- and they are fraught with danger.

Verizon sees the net as its newspaper and believes it has First Amendment rights to control what goes on the net. This is why Doc Searls has taught me that it...