How to Get Started in Home Decor (With Help From the Joshua Steinberg Collective)

08/18/2016 01:44 pm ET | Updated Aug 18, 2016

I admit, I am totally lost when it comes to home decor. For years, we've lived in apartments where our ability to decorate was limited to strict leases and landlord preferences to no holes in the walls. So now that we're in the process of purchasing our first home, I'm feeling excited and overwhelmed by all the possibilities to turn this house into a home that is completely ours.

Right now, it's less excitement and more confusion. Where do I even get started? How do I not blow my budget? What should my budget even be? Luckily, leading designer Joshua Steinberg sat down with me to give me some tips and talk me down from a home decor panic attack.

"How do I even get started?"

"First, figure out what type of decorating style speaks to you then figure out a long term budget that you're comfortable with that won't break the bank. If you have no idea, try starting with what you don't like and narrowing it down from there" Okay so off to Pinterest I go!

"Do you think there's an 'idiot proof' style that anyone can master?"
"I think both Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary decor styles are pretty easy to master. They both lean towards simplicity but have a little flare to them and can make any room look like a showroom without needing much."

"Where should I be investing when it comes to decor?"
"I think that starting with one amazing piece of furniture as the focus, and then designing around that is the easiest way to go for those who are completely new to decorating. It will help you feel less overwhelmed and give you a focus point. Things like decorations can always change as your style evolves, but one good, durable piece of furniture is worth the investment."

"Let's face it, some day I'm going to want to get into DIYing the entire house. Do you think there are any essential tools newbies need for DIY decor?"
"Start with the right safety equipment first: goggles, gloves, etc. From there I'd say good paint brushes, a good drill, and a saw that doesn't terrify you. As you move up in experience and get more experience with woodworking and painting, you can upgrade your saws or tools, but don't take on more than you're comfortable handling. Remember you'll be probably in your home for years, so take your time and don't feel like everything needs to be done on Day 1."

Do you feel less intimidated? I do, but I know it's still going to be a process! If you want to follow me on my journey into home decor, check out The Beige House. Thanks so much to Joshua Steinberg and the Joshua Steinberg Collective for making this home decor adventure less overwhelming, and be sure to check out their amazing work!