11/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Monstrous Deals

Another behemoth info tech company is buying majority shares of its Chinese counterpart.

Monster Worldwide buys 55 pct of ChinaHR for $174 mln
BEIJING, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Employment website company Monster Worldwide Inc said on Wednesday it had completed its full acquistion of ChinaHR by purchasing a remaining 55 percent stake for $174 million in cash.ChinaHR operates 12 offices across China, one of the world's fastest growing online recruitment markets that was worth about $40 million in the first quarter.

Sounds profitable. But for many companies working with Chinese firms on online products and services the hidden cost inherent in sticky ethics often emerges snarling. As Skype's president Josh Silverman recently admitted in response to news that his company's Chinese partner had allowed the government to sit in on potentially "sensitive" conversations:

"It is common knowledge that censorship does exist in China and that the Chinese government has been monitoring communications in and out of the country for many years. This, in fact, is true for all forms of communication such as emails, fixed and mobile phone calls, and instant messaging between people within China and between China and other countries. TOM, like every other communications service provider operating in China, has an obligation to be compliant if they are to be able to operate in China at all."

Does refreshing candidness pardon complicity? Probably not. In regards to Monster's deal, let us imagine some creative online employment ad wording to skirt the nanny. Readers, feel free to add your own.

Tiananmen Square Street Sweeper
Requirements: Can maintain working hours 6-4 from early morning to late afternoon
Location: Beijing
The Beijing municipality needs an expert hand to sweep up the snow that has resulted in a Tiananmen Square cover-up that is filled with snow.

Seeking Dalai Lama Spiritual Leader

Requirements: 0-7 years old, preferably older when considering past lives
Location: Tibet
We are a nation region autonomously established in the seventh century first subordinated by brought under the wing of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty and then again beaten into submission enfolded into the Qing Dynasty; later the Chinese forcibly incorporated our nation region into the PRC in the 1950s. With the recent passing of our dear leader a representative figurehead, we seek his exact replica, a reincarnation of him essentially someone like him (ed. note: add, "but who is less likely to work with the CIA") and less likely to peaceably put up with the environmental rape of our land more likely to value economic development and the role a "harmonious society" can play.

Chinese University Requires a Democracy Government by the People Scholar
Requirements: 5 years of experience required, preferably "Western-looking" with deep-set eyes and a high-bridged nose
Location: Beijing
Our academically censored prestigious university seeks a foreign scholar to lecture students on inalienable human rights, the harmonious societies created by stable political institutions with capitalistic markets and representation and the importance of freedom of speech and association, the assurance of equal access to power of stability and harmony in a democratic by the people government.