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5 Ways to Really Burn Stress on Your Honeymoon

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Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones for whom wedding planning is a breeze. Dream venue? Open on your date -- and for half the regular price! Family drama? Nope, both sides meet to join hands and sing Cumbaya on a monthly basis. More likely, though, there will be some friction and less-than-ideal circumstances as you plan your party. But the honeymoon you take after you get hitched is the perfect opportunity to send that stress packing -- but not in the ways you'd think.

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Order everything you want.
Of course you wouldn't be able to afford this every day if you just paid for your wedding, but you can probably swing one meal during which you don't hold back. It's not like you have to fit into a wedding dress anymore! So pick whatever sounds appealing, the whole menu if need be, just this once.

Learn how to say one bizarre thing in the local language.
Going somewhere English isn't spoken? Teach yourself to ask an absurd question in that tongue, like "Where can I find hardcore lobster porn?" and ask it slowly and deliberately to passersby willing to listen. Laugh about their reactions later.

Spend an entire day in bed.
Don't set an alarm. Get up only to use the bathroom and perhaps eat -- and only if you can't order room service.

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Bring a stress-causing wedding relic and ensure its demise.
Pack one thing that caused you a lot of wedding-planning strife, like your seating chart, and throw it in a body of water or a fireplace at your destination. Watch the stress float or burn away.

Dub others' conversations from afar.
Even in a secluded resort, you're bound to encounter workers and perhaps honeymooners, like yourself. Watch them from a distance, create personas for them, and have conversation as those characters for as long as the two you're spying on chat.

Which of the above would you try? How do you plan to de-stress on your honeymoon? (Beware the couples' massage if one of you has never gotten this service before: My husband HATED it!)

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