INTERVIEW: Cindy Guyer & Michael Wachs from Tonight's Millionaire Matchmaker.

11/23/2010 11:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This week's Millionaire Matchmaker featured Cindy Guyer, a model, actress, and cover model for more than 200 romance novels (me too!)

For her main date, she chose Mike Wachs, who started an event security company called Royale Security, dealing with undying Bieber fever and fainting models at Fashion Week ragers.

Cindy and Mike fell in like in Central Park and I interviewed them about their experience on the show.

Let's see what they had to say about Our Lady of New Jersey/Things That Are Pink.

I kid you not, I interviewed Cindy while she was getting a blow-out at the Plaza. That's pretty BAMF and also tres FFJD.

FFJD: What was your impression of Patti?

Cindy Guyer: I was a little nervous about meeting Patti because I know she can be really tough. She liked me, she understood me, and it ended up being a really great experience. It was different because I'm a producer and a model and I know what to expect. It was a great experience, but maybe I'll be leaving the country tomorrow [in reference to being embarrassed].

They shot me really nice[ly] and I made a big effort to make sure my hair and makeup was good. I have a lot of respect for [Patti]. I really believe everything she says is usually true. I would've liked to have spoken to her more off camera, I'm hoping in the future to spend more time with her one-on one.

Mike Wachs: I was at an advantage going in, I didnt know of [Patti] and I hadnt seen her show previously. My friend said, 'hey you're single, you looking for a millionairess?' I said, 'well, I guess it couldn't hurt.' I just showed up and when I was called into the room i didnt know what to expect. She tore me apart.

FFJD: What was it like going on a date on-camera?

CG: I think being a professional I can block it out. I couldnt eat on camera, I hardly touched a bite. You have to watch what you say on a first date anyway.

I was reluctant to do [the show]. I'm glad i did it. I'd love to do a show with [Bravo] called Cindyland or something.

MW: Dating is awkward to begin with. [The cameras] definitely added a level of nervousness and anxiety. Cindy I'm sure is very comfortable in front of the camera, but I'm not an actor, I'm not a model, I get photographed with my parents so it was definitely a new thing for me. I was very nervous. She's older than me, and she's extraordinarily beautiful, so it was just a lot of new things were happening. I'm trying to be my romantic self.

FFJD: Do you think that the show represented New York and New Yorkers realistically?

CG: I haven't seen what they're doing in New York. I really feel like [my episode] is really going to be one of the best episodes. Even the cinematographer was saying this is definitely the best show we've done yet.

MW: I'm a New Yorker. Patti is very harsh about New York, she's very harsh about her clients, where millionairesses are want and want and want and their expectations are totally out of wack. But at the end of the day, she tells it how it is. She lacks a filter, but thats why I love my grandma. "Michael, you're getting fat!" She has a knack for putting people together that whatever criteria she uses, you can't look at the track records of the past five episodes just because none of the dates worked out.

FFJD: Are you guys dating?

CG: We go out on dates. If I'm ever at an event in New York, he comes. We're dating a little bit. We're also going to go into business together, possibly a restaurant together. [Patti] did make a great business connection.

MW: We are great friends. We spend time together, we talk on the phone, and we are actually embarking on some business ventures together. [Cindy's] a smart businesswoman. It was a great introduction and a great way that we met. I'm really looking forward to the future. We find time to check in, we both bounce ideas off of each other, and we became great friends. Which I think is important before anything else happens.

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