10/05/2011 02:30 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

TheFFJD Interviews Rapper KREAYSHAWN: Clueless, Celebrity Crush, and "Music For Women."

So unless you live under a rock or haven't been near a computer in a few months, you know the internet sensation that is Kreayshawn. She's one part Amy Winehouse, with three tablespoons of Lady Gaga, and a twist of BAMF. Shaken and stirred. I had the pleasure of interviewing the up and coming rapper, who has inducted me as an honorary member of her White Girl Mob and also loves Clueless. So basically, just a normal girl.

FFJD: I saw you on the cover of Complex, what's it like doing a magazine shoot?

Kreayshawn: It was crazy like it one of my first times dressing with a stylist there and doing a whole bunch of different concepts. I was super nervous and I brought everything I own. I got there and it was like, everything I've ever dreamed. It was definitely exciting they had my style.

FFJD: Where do you like to shop?

Kreayshawn: I'm always just like randomly getting stuff, from thrift stores or vintage. I've been getting a lot of free clothing from female street lines, its a mix between a whole bunch of stuff. I'm a 90s person.

FFJD: Do you have a favorite designer?

Kreayshawn: No, but I get my looks from movies, the movie Clueless, Jawbreaker, that are girl-oriented, fashion in those movies. When a movie has like a popular girl crew its all about outfit changes and dressing cute.

FFJD: We're huge Clueless fans.

Kreayshawn: I love that movie. I actually just watched it last night. I was reciting the whole movie. It's crazy we were driving you know when she gets robbed we were driving down the street and we saw the liquor store and I was like oh my god that's where Cher got robbed!

FFJD: What TV do you like to watch?

Kreayshawn: When I'm watching TV at home I'm always watching like cops. It's crazy because like Oxygen is a channel made for chicks, I always find myself watching Oxygen. I'm like, why are there so many yeast infection commercials?

Do you ever watch Bad Girls Club? At first it was like everyone was nice to each other but then a bitch will just slap you in the face and throw bleach on you. I auditioned, I thought it'd just be funny, they ended up calling me and doing a follow-up audition.