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March 27, 2015

Happy 100th Birthday, Miami Beach. What a Great Time to Go to the Keys.

South Beach Miami

Jeb Bush Is To The Right Of George W. On Abortion

Jeb George W

Florida Rep. Announces Bid For Senate

Patrick Murphy
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Marissa Alexander Looks Back On Her Time In Jail: I Was 'A Fish Out Of Water'

Marissa Alexander

Documents Reveal Sugar Industry Influenced National Health Policy

Vintage Candy
Petrified Collection via Getty Images

Charlie Crist Won't Run For Senate In 2016

Charlie Crist
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Hispanic Journalists To Survey Race In Spanish-Language TV After Univision Incident

Rodner Figueroa
Rodrigo Varela via Getty Images

WATCH: Massive Swarm Of Sharks Gather Off Louisiana Coast


Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Momentum

RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

These Mermaids Are Trying To Save Our Oceans

Project Mermaid

Animals At 'Gunpoint' Posters Will Make You Rethink Your Next Purchase

Surfrider Foundation

Hillary Clinton Moved Her Head, According To Crack Campaign Reporters

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Humans Killed Nearly 3 Million Whales In The 20th Century

Arctic-Images via Getty Images

Walker Cultivates 2016 Image As Fresh-Faced Alternative To Jeb Bush

Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Trail To The Chief: Primer On The Way Too Early To Tell Primaries Edition

Bloomberg via Getty Images


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What 'Women's Work' Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Land Army

These U.S. States Have The Most Yoga Studios

Yoga Beach
Portra Images via Getty Images

Massive Alligator Lays Claim To Golf Course Green

Golf Gator
Bill Susie / Myakka Pines Golf Club

There Are Countless Veggie Burger Options. We Taste Tested Them.

Veggie Burger
Lauri Patterson via Getty Images

What's The Deal With Matcha, Anyway?

artpritsadee via Getty Images

Vintage 'Visit Florida' Ad Is The Anti-Snow Propaganda You Need Right Now

ventdusud via Getty Images

Seniors At Jewish Home Give The Best Dating Advice

Jewish Home Seniors

Florida's 15 Most Popular Beaches, Ranked

Waterspout Tears Through Beach In Brazil

YouTube/Vanessa Quechua