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Michael Colongione

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The Most Commonly Asked Bedbug Questions ANSWERED (PHOTOS)

Posted: 09/23/2010 7:00 am

Bedbugs. The word alone is enough to make the skin crawl. From Hollister to Victoria's Secret, it seems there is no refuge from these persistent little creatures. Here are some tips to to ensure the bedbugs don't bite.

If My Colleague Has Bedbugs, Will I Get Them?
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Sometimes there is a stigma associated with having bedbugs, so not everyone is going to share if they are currently experiencing a bedbug infestation. This is why it is always good to be aware of your working environment regarding bedbugs and any other pests that you might take home.

If you have a relationship with a colleague who is dealing with an infestation, ask them if they are currently being treated by a licensed pest control company. Speak with your supervisor and/or human resources department and request a certified bedbug inspection of your office as a precautionary measure. It is also a great idea to carry an over-the-counter spray such as Pronto Plus. These types of sprays kill the bedbugs and their eggs on contact and can be used around your office, work station, at a hotel during business travel and even your car. A bedbug infestation in the workplace is a concern for not only you and your family, but all of your colleagues in the office.
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