09/29/2010 12:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Con Games: Karl Rove's Pledge For Aspen

Did you get the memo? He's right here, right now: Karl Rove is in Aspen no doubt matriculating in one of our gilded homes or within the splendid isolation of the McMansions on Red Mountain.

The Architect held forth here Friday night in a private confab for Republican Congressional candidates. His presence was confirmed by reliable sources. I never get invited to these things, not ever. (Once, actually, but then Karl Rove is the one who cautioned the Bush White House not to worry about the "fact-based" scenarios.)

Thanks to a story in Salon, we now know beyond a shadow that Karl Rove, bless his country-class heart, counts on three billionaires--count 'em--to account for over 90 percent of the contributions to the Karl Rove campaign chest. The former George W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff has said further that he intends to raise $50 million simoleons to pump into races across the land.

Those looking for the official dissolution of the Republican Party need look no further than this week. Even as Rove was a'stumpin' in Aspen, so was the Republican leadership a'dumpin' all over the Democrats with their "Pledge To America." Some of the GOP's finest doorstops even promised to read the Pledge before election day, even as critics on the Left and Right--especially the Right--denounced the faux Contract as nothing more than the usual hoo-ha from the established parties.

Of course Karl Rove knows none of this matters one bit: winning is the only thing that means anything in his world, and losing means a world of hurt. As he said on Fox News after Christine O'Donnell won the Republican Senatorial nomination in Delaware, The Architect is "for all Republicans in all races." That says it all. He criticized O'Donnell on election night, but somehow human-mice cloning looked much better in the light of day after the Right turned Rove into Dumbo. Now that's witchcraft, Bubba.

Not even Karl Rove knows which way to look these days. The Tea Party is walloping the Republican Party like Moe used to whack Curly. Republic National Committee chair Michael Steele is campaigning on a remote Pacific Island even as Karl Rove tries to jumpstart a local race here in Colorado. The mid-term year 2010 is going to be great for Republicans if they find out what they believe in.