10/07/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Sweet Spot of Inspiration

Have you ever had an experience that simply provided you with motivation, a new bounce in your step, or revolutionized your perspective on how you view life? These inspirational moments can range from anything as pivotal as a near death experience, to a subtle touch from a loved one, or even the beauty of walking outside and having the sunrays of light kiss your face.

When you research the etymology of the inspire, the Latin translation inspirare literally means to "inflame or blow into."

When I speak of inspiration I have to reference Dr. Tobin Hart when he posits that inspiration can come from an event. He describes hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech as an inspirational event that can place one into a "sweet spot." Within this "sweet spot," a plethora of motivation, creative ideas, and potentialities are limitless. Hart also postulates that the "sweet spot" is more than a fleeting feeling if we intentionally heed what the "sweet spot" experience gives to us.

The "sweet spots" are open to us all. We have these unlimited opportunities to invite and embrace inspiration within our lives. Yes, we experience the monotony of life. Yes, times can be very challenging. Yes, we can be pulled in a hundred different directions. And yes, we have choices. We can choose to allow the overwhelming issues of life to overwhelm us, or we can choose to make a concerted effort to enjoy our lives. The latter does not remove the complexities of life, but it sure does make life so much juicier!

This week I had the pleasure of attending a black light vinyasa flow yoga class at Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston. When I initially heard of the class I was excited because it was "glow in the dark" yoga. Upon entering the class, the black lights are just the preface to an intrinsic personal and transformative 90-minute self-journey. The instructor, Goldie Kaufenberg, advises us to close our eyes, and set our intention. Goldie then instructs us to "do not pay attention to the person next to us because if you're doing what they're doing, you're not honoring yourself." Within that mOMent so many things synchronized for me. For the next 90 minutes I found myself in a very dark-lit class that inflamed and blew reinvigorated life within me.

I walked out of this class being powerful, empowered, and more than ready for what lie ahead for me when I stepped off my mat and into the world. For me, yoga is one of my "sweet spots."

Am I recommending for everyone that reads this post to go and practice the physical postures of yoga? No, but I am encouraging you to identify, embrace, and mindfully experience your "sweet spots."

In our "sweet spots" is where we literally and figuratively experience the breath of life.

Be inspired. Now, go awaken your sweet spots!

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