Movie Review: Rainn Wilson's Kind of Super

04/01/2011 03:14 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

SUPER 2 1/2 out of 4
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This comedy was definitely one of the success stories of the Toronto International Film Festival. A similar tale to Kick-Ass (which I really enjoyed), it shows a schmucky, average Joe (Rainn Wilson) who turns himself into a superhero when his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug-dealing thug (Kevin Bacon) that uses her as a guinea pig for his heroin. Wilson dons a cape, chooses a weapon (a hefty wrench) and coins a catchphrase that is increasingly funny as the film goes on: "Shut up, crime!"

Comic bookstore geek Ellen Page becomes his VERY enthusiastic sidekick, and the tone veers wildly as Wilson goes from meek to freak, beating up thugs but also mauling a guy for cutting in line at the cinema. (Actually, the guy was meeting a friend, I think, so it doesn't even count as really cutting in the first place.)

The movie is a little unsure of itself tonally because it doesn't quite know what it thinks of its protagonist. But it is weirdly amusing and has cult favorite written all over it for a certain demographic. More negatively, Wilson (quite funny on The Office) just isn't up to the dramatic demands. A scene where he curses God for making him such an unattractive loser should be piercing but just isn't. I'm sure this project was in the works long before Kick-Ass came to life and they must hate being compared unfavorably to it. But sometimes even superheroes can't catch a break.

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