Movie Review: "White Irish Drinkers"

03/25/2011 03:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WHITE IRISH DRINKERS *** out of ****
In theaters today

TV talent John Gray (The Ghost Whisperer) takes a promising step into cinema with this solid coming-of-age tale. Relative unknown Nick Thurston is very appealing as Brian Leary, a sensitive young lad growing up in the rough and tumble of Brooklyn in the 70s. His older brother is a petty thief. But Brian works at the local cinema, convincing the owner to book rock acts from time to time, obsessively draws in his basement hideaway and fancies the local travel agent with a sharp tongue but a friendly smile.

When Brian's boss unexpectedly pulls in a favor and arranges to have the Rolling Stones do a one-hour concert in Brooklyn, everyone's dreams collide, with Brian's brother pushing him to rob the place and his boss hoping to avoid a death sentence from the local hood he owes too much money. Melodrama might intrude towards the end of White Irish Drinkers, but the acting is solid throughout and Thurston has a low-key charm -- he could be the kid brother to Kevin Connolly's Eric on Entourage. But unlike a player in Hollywood, Brian has to learn that he has a right to play the game in the first place. Sweet, unforced.

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