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Michael Hodson


13 Reasons Everyone Should Travel (PHOTOS)

Posted: 09/23/10 01:02 PM ET

On my forty-first birthday in late 2008, I left Fayetteville, Arkansas on a quest to make it around the world in a year without making any reservations or taking a single airplane. Sixteen months, forty-four countries, and six continents later I succeeded, and though I was forced to violate the 'no reservations' rule a couple times, I never left the ground.

I've written some about it here: Go, See Write and I thought I'd share some of the reasons everyone should get out there and see some of the world, along with a few pictures from the trip:

To See the Man-Made Wonders of the World
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The truly amazing thing about the world is how many stunning things there are to see. Angkor Wat. Mayan ruins in Mexico and Guatemala. The Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. Manchu Picchu. The Coliseum. The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden Palace. The sights are plentiful and all I can say is that most of the ones I have seen, including those listed, are spectacular. The lengths and efforts put forth by mankind over the centuries to impress others certainly did so in my eyes, almost every time.
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