12/06/2013 12:03 pm ET | Updated Feb 01, 2014

Incorporate Camo Into Your Underwear

A lot of times when you think of camo, what comes to mind? If the show duck dynasty is on your list of ideas, you are definitely not alone. That said, it's been a print associated with the great outdoors and hunting in particular for quite a while. It's definitely a practical print in terms of "camouflaging" your self in the woods. Fashion has been on a camo high this past season with a lot of celebrities incorporating the print in a lot of their casual looks. There is definitely a militant, take charge vibe that comes along with putting on camo. Your favorite underwear brands also are following in the trend. Check out some ways they are following suit below.


Neon Look
A lot of camo prints in underwear follow the classic green and brown look. An interesting way to set your camo underwear apart from others is by changing up the color. this can be done either in a subdued way or a drastic way. The Cocksox Sniper brief (1) is an example of stepping away from the traditional look in a subdued way. Instead of browns and greens, you have blacks, grays and neon green. The neon color definitely pops, but, is not at the forefront of the brief.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can decide to depart from the traditional camo print with a drastic color change. Papi has a line of camo trunks (2) that come in a variety of colors. We are huge fans of the pink ones. Unlike the previous brief mentioned, this trunk places the brightest color at the forefront. This is definitely not a camo print you'd wear to be hidden.

Sometimes certain prints like camo can come across a bit gaudy. That said, you can still play around with them. The best way is to incorporate them in your waistband. Diesel has a collection with camo waistbands (3) that do the trick. The navy option offsets the camo really well. Navy is also one of our must have underwear colors of the season.

Union Suit
As the temperature drops, union suits or onesies will be creeping their way out of people's closets. People will either wear them during the day or just simply have one saved up for Christmas day. We'd recommend this Hanes union suit (4) for the person in your family who loves camo.

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