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Feel Sorry for Me: I Use Facebook

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Hidden among all of those Facebook posts of dogs, cats and kids -- which are really only important to their owners -- are the ever-increasing "feel sorry for me" posts.

These often contain messages designed to attract a bevy of comments trying to soothe the bereaved, underachieved or downright pathetic individual who posted the plea for sympathy. Often they're pretty obvious containing such verbiage as:

  • (Sniff) My fish died.
  • I stubbed my toe.
  • Everybody hates me.
  • I have a headache, toothache or other malady no one really cares about.
  • My dog, cat or fish just pooped on the couch.
  • Etc.

Come on, folks! What you really need is some form of psychotherapy! Or a least a session on SOMEONE'S couch.

The bevy of cat, dog and cute kid posts are bad enough. Please don't make me feel sorry for you.

Of course there's always a chance that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will find a way to monetize this trend -- or, at least make them more public sending comments from sympathizers we don't even know to new heights.

Maybe he could modify these posts so that anyone could piggyback on them, garnering sympathy from another user's friends. This tactic seems to be working with the shared photo albums.

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