08/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Washington, D.C. Tsunami Coming

We probably shouldn't make too much of the fact that Washington D.C. was founded on the Ides of March. Just a coincidence. It wouldn't be a big stretch at all, however, to draw a parallel, considering that so many members of the Senate are all falling upon Caesar at the moment. Uh-oh. Is this also the end of our res publica? Some people think that the vacuum currently being created in our nation's capital are doing just that. Unlike forty -something B.C., though, we're not on the dawn of an empire. We're at the sunset.

Washington D.C. was "born" on March 15, 1791. So it's easy to say in retrospect, yeah, Pisces. No wonder a mayor was caught smoking crack in a hotel. It's just way too easy to make statements and predictions after the fact, but quite another to look ahead. The thing is, though, with Pisces, it's always hairy. It helps to know what Pisces is all about, because that way you can better understand where it's headed.

Pisces has no allegiance to anybody and is fiercely devoted to everyone at the same time. It is all about impossibly disparate philosophies, beliefs, life styles, codes of conduct and behavior, all crowded together. It changes shape, switches alliances and becomes whatever is needed for it to become. But never permanently. Washington D.C. fits the Piscean profile perfectly. Up until now it has taken on the face of whichever of the two political parties was in power., always of course being secretly undermined by the opposite party-just like any Pisces individual will do to himself or herself. Red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue.

Washington D.C., however is about to turn a bright shade of purple, as purple as an alcoholic's nose. In fact, D.C. is experiencing an identity crisis it hasn't seen in almost a century. It is deep, and this time it's nothing that a little cosmetic surgery can hide. You should know also that Pisces is ironically but ultimately resilient. You wouldn't think so to see the way that Pisceans are usually about to topple over from some disease or other resulting from years of excess that can make Berlin in the 20's seem like an afternoon on Sesame Street.

They don't topple over, though, and most of them live well into their 90' despite their own efforts to do themselves in. They live long enough to chase young boys and girls around a couch after a three martini lunch, no matter what their liver tests show. They always seem more fragile and vulnerable than they are, and despite the series of repeated, devastating blows they sustain, they stagger out of their hospital rooms, clad in a hospital gown to belt out a version of Ave Maria at Christmas, a version that comes from their greatest resource: their soul.

So don't count Washington out quite yet. It's got another chorus to sing, and it's going to be a doozie.

Pisces is sometimes said also to rule all black people, from Condoleeza Rice (yes, she IS black believe to or not) to Fifty Cent, from Oprah to Li'l Pickle or any criminal jailhouse rapper to win this year's Grammy, to all the black people of this nation. This will make all the members of the White Aryan Nation puke into their beer mugs, but Pisces symbolizes the suffering endured by any and all people who have ever been enslaved and from whom all personal control was taken against their will. Pisces represents the patience required to endure unspeakable humiliation and degradation, and then to emerge victorious, to rise again and find new identity to achieve a liberating sense of selfhood and personal pride.

Pisces is hopelessness all right, but it is also the faith that comes in the darkest night.. If you've ever been to a funeral where the body is lying there and all of a sudden the people are all singing and clapping in a joyous chorus so that you know the soul of the departed is snapping her fingers and dancing up the stairs to heaven. And, it's that thing that comes over you when you are in the middle of shopping at the K-Mart mall, and you hear Judy Collins over the PA system, singing "Amazing Grace" and for no reason at all you burst out crying, crying in a good way, of course.

Washington, like all Pisceans, is all about denial as well. It can predict the direst of consequences for itself on the one hand then laugh its way through them all. The ultimate essence of Pisces is not just, as some people prefer to think, deception, trickery and bogus pretense, although it's gotta be said, just watch the latest press conference and try not to tear your hear out and question your own sanity. The essence of Pisces is its ability to unify and blend opposites. It is the marriage of two impossibly contradicting philosophies. This is the prime fact of life, vital to the future of Washington D.C.

That's why it's going purple. Purple, because that's what happens when you mix red and blue.

There is going to be a tremendous explosion and tsunami in Washington. The planet Uranus is transiting Pisces now, and with Uranus, forget about it, the minute you make a prediction about how it is going to work out, it won't happen that way. Uranus rules over the absolute unexpected turn of events. And I mean totally, frogettaboutit, unexpected turn of events. In Pisces, it is the flood, it is the tsunami, Noah and the Ark style, but it is impossible to see where it will come from.

Politically D.C. is turning purple, as party defections eradicate the clear ideological boundaries traditionally associated with the Democratic and Republican parties. It is already happening. Independent candidates will be stronger than ever. Dark horses are already champing at their bits in the shadows. D.C. is about to go through an upheaval it hasn't seen since the 1920's. You'll see it in November of this year 08, but just wait and watch the bizarre twists of the next two years.

The situation is a lot more insane than we are even allowed to see. Leaders (well, they think they are), are doing their best to conceal the fact that nobody is driving the bus, but back room meetings are already attempting to put on the brakes, mainly because they believe it is their job to keep the masses, us, from thinking and knowing that the guy who is driving the boss is not up to speed, but on speed. They know that if something doesn't happen, we're headed straight for a tree.

It's not just scandal. Scandal is not news in D.C. Whenever you deal with Pisces, you're always going to be looking at secret involvements, and an entity that is always about to fall apart but somehow pulls it together two seconds before oblivion. The self-destructive factor goes hand in hand with an odd idealistic sort of altruism, so even if they are about to flush themselves down a toilet, it could turn out to benefit the world. That of course makes everyone feel guilty who thought ill of them.

As long as this government is housed in Washington D.C. it is a battle, not so much between Democrats and Republicans, but, thanks to Venus and Saturn in the solar second house, between total screw-em-all greed and a twelfth house Pluto in Aquarius belief in the rights of people to share and enjoy prosperity together. That paradox will remain forever.

Whether you believe that the current administration was legally and properly voted in or they pilfered and stole their way in doesn't matter at this point. You could swear they were all in cahoots and responsible for the Towers going down, or that it is the Bush people who are protecting us all from the onslaught of mad Islamists. It doesn't matter.

Remember, this is Pisces we are talking about, and when Pisces is present you will never know the whole truth and nothing but, mainly because there is always a web of mystery and deceit involved. There is always going to be an untold back room story. It is impossible to be sure if selfless angels are doing their bit to disguise their blessings for an unaware humanity, or there is just plain old malfeasance afoot. It doesn't mater now.

If you thought the scene was crazy before, hold on to your party hat. Do not even try to predict the outcome of this one There are tremors, rumblings, way down at the bottom of the ocean of the coming "tsunami". Rabbits are nervously sitting in top hats, hoping they can jump out in time. Reversals the likes of which we haven't seen will rock Washington. The real shocker will come during 2009-2010.

Stay tuned.

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