12/03/2009 06:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Latest from Science Progress

I've had a few blog post go up on CAP's Science Progress website this past week.  They chronicle some under-the-radar science news items and aim to put them in proper political pespective. 

New Stem Cell Lines

New Bioethics Commission

Congress Takes Steps to Assuage Medical Isotope Crisis

Genetic Testing 101


Our guest authors have also put some insightful articles and blogs up on SP:

Chris Mooney on the East Anglia Climate Change E-mails Incident

Rebecca Bushnell on Women in science

Christopher Tucker on a Comprehensive Earth Monitoring Strategy.

That last one is a greatly overlooked issue.  Intelligence experts have a lot to learn from geologists and climate scientists (and vice verse) about using new satellite imaging technology to monitor the earth and keep us safe from national security threats along with public health and environmental threats.

Finally, Edotor-in-Cheif Jonathan Moreno's letter from Japan about the importance of innovation for growing an economy.