Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie, Gosh that Jefferson Makes Me Cry

05/25/2011 12:10 pm ET

"Thomas Jefferson continues to capture our imagination because our country still echoes his ideals. In 1776 ... he drafted the Declaration of Independence ... and articulated the American creed. From that document was born a Nation with a message of hope that all men are created equal and meant to be free. The words Jefferson penned were a bold statement of revolutionary principles, and they have lifted the lives of millions in America and around the world ...
Thomas Jefferson will always be remembered for his belief in liberty and in the ability of citizens to govern their own country and their own lives. We are proud that the Nation he helped establish remains free, independent, and true to the ideals of our founding. Today, the United States of America is the world's foremost champion of liberty, moving forward with confidence and strength, and an example to the world of what free people can achieve."

- George W. Bush

"Our assembly should not be deluded by the integrity of their own purposes, and conclude that these unlimited powers will never be abused, because themselves are not disposed to abuse them. They should look forward to a time, and that not a distant one, when corruption in this, as in the country from which we derive our origin, will have seized the heads of government, and be spread by them through the body of the people; when they will purchase the voices of the people, and make them pay the price. Human nature is the same on every side of the Atlantic, and will be alike influenced by the same causes. The time to guard against corruption and tyranny, is before they shall have gotten hold on us. It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold, than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered."

- Thomas Jefferson