06/11/2009 11:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Maybe He's Just a Dick

Let's get this straight. This guy who walked into the Holocaust Museum and opened fire wasn't "disgruntled," or "frustrated by the economy," or by his "struggles as an artist." This guy is a murderer. He is a racist. He is a monster. Period.

Excuse me if I don't want to hear people explain the "reasons" behind the actions of the profoundly unreasonable. Ever read a book about Hitler? He was a frustrated artist? Hungry for attention? Couldn't get laid? Sorry, but that's a pretty apt description of the average screenwriter in Hollywood and I'm pretty sure none of us have ever invaded Poland.

A few years ago I was overseas at a birthday party for a director I was working with, during which her friends practically attacked me when they heard my American accent -- you know, Bush and Iraq and all the rest. The director explained their appalling behavior by casually remarking that, "It's probably because you're Jewish. " Um, excuse me? She then said, "Everyone knows that most of the people in your government are Jews." Yes, of course everyone knows that... at the Schutstaffel reunion.

This is the problem. This particular brand of imbecile is everywhere. They have children. They vote. Some even have their own radio talk shows and spew their anger and hatred in between commercial breaks and into the ears of some witless scumbag hunched in his dank basement, polishing the gun he fetishizes along with his mother's underwear, the gun he's going to point into a crowd of people in a shopping mall, a college auditorium, or a museum built to honor the innocents who lost their lives to this asshole's heroes.