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Reading The Pictures: Grandma Must Die!

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Yes, we already probed the Joker fairly thoroughly (but then, major points for the guy having that creepy eruption!).

But the killer element here (pardon the pun) is this dear lady's pullover. Honestly, the whole "Death Panel" thing was so "out there," it didn't resonate with me until I came across this Newscom photo today. As Rachel Maddow well elaborated, the radical right has been scaring seniors based on the picayune but otherwise perfectly sensible fact health care reform proposals encourage people to create living wills.   

So, here's what I'm wondering. Do you think Dottie Kennard, from Peoria, AZ, really thinks that Obama and/or the Dems want to waste her and her husband? Or, do you think Dottie is smarter than that but she's picked up Sarah's shouting point just to emotionally terrorize more vulnerable members of her demographic?

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(image: Newscom, August 8, 2009 via TPM)