10/21/2005 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: "Encouraging Images Out Of Iraq This Weekend"




Did you know that Bill Frist was a blogger? Yes, he blogs for something called VOLPAC (Volunteer Political Action Committee) which is a propaganda engine nominally mandated to recruit future right wingers of America.

This is the text of his most recent post, dated this past Tuesday. (Notice Frist's indecorous tone in the last line of the entry. As I continue to research the Senator for my own blog, I'm discovering Frist has a harsh, vindictive side that can suddenly and dramatically betray the diplomatic manner one expects of a U.S. Senator.)

Democracy At Work
11:31 AM - October 17th, 2005

Encouraging images out of Iraq this weekend ...

The Iraqi people went to the polls Saturday to vote on their new constitution.

I'm told that Iraq's Electoral Commission Chief estimates overall voter turnout was as high as 63 percent to 64 percent ... even higher than in January.

At the moment, it appears the constitution will be ratified.

A constitution that was completed much quicker than ours; a constitution that guarantees at least 25% of the national assembly be made up of women.

The U.S. Congress can't match those numbers today.

In the days leading up to Saturday's vote, insurgents had threatened to cut off the fingers of those who voted.

Yet out they came from the polling stations ... one by one ... free people voting in a free election ... proudly waving their ink-stained blue fingers in the air.

Just look around the world today ... look at Iraq. Afghanistan. Lebanon. Ukraine.

When oppressed people are given the freedom to choose ... THEY CHOOSE FREEDOM.

You wouldn't know it by reading the New York Times - or listening to pundits on the radical left - but our march of freedom is working.

Reading the Doctor's comments, I'm not sure Frist noticed some of the same images I did. Maybe he'll mention Sunday's U.S. air strike on Ramadi in his next entry. (Or, maybe the air strike from the previous Thursday.) (Or from the day before that, on Wednesday.)

Background Summary: According to reports, the U.S. retaliated for the death of five G.I.'s on Sunday, October 16th, with a bombing campaign which the military claims killed an estimated 70 insurgents, and which local witnesses said killed at least 39 civilians, including 18 children. The military explained that an F-15 dropped a "precision-guided" bomb at the site of the road-side crater where the marines had been killed; an AH-1W Cobra helicopter used 20mm cannons to fire into a safe house; and an F/A-18 fighter used another guided bomb to attack 35 to 40 insurgents loading vehicles with weapons.

(Note: The first image above shows air strike damage from the August October 13th attack; The second shot is damage from the August October 12th attack; and the third photo pertains to the most recent bombing, as described above. All photos are from Ramadi.)

For more of the visual, visit

(image 1: Bilal Hussein/A.P. Ramadi, Iraq. October 13, 2005. Via YahooNews. image 2: Stringer/Reuters. October 12, 2005. Ramadi, Iraq. Via YahooNews. image 3: Bilal Hussein/A.P. Ramadi, Iraq. Monday, October 17, 2005. Via YahooNews.)