Reading The Pictures: Who Ya Gonna Call, Adbusters?

10/13/2005 06:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


I love the Adbusters cover.

Let's be honest, though. Even if Bush is primarily a PR creation, the fact is, he's largely been a popular brand. If there are cracks in the facade right now, it's not like they haven't been revealed before. (Consider, for example, the stunningly amateur performance Bush gave without his precious script in the first Kerry debate, and the ensuing fun we all had over the bulge -- surely a transmitter! -- beneath his jacket.)

The main problem in effecting a Bush demise is that we, the opposition, are not having a whole lot to do with it. (Sure, Katrina and Rita have caused political damage, but these two were not White House interns blowing through Bush's private office, or a pair of Democratic Senators that might have created a storm when it was time to vote against the war.)

Presstitutes (via Hullabaloo) had a post the other day warning how the media could quickly allow Bush to get back on his feet. I agree with the possibility -- especially if there is a lack of captivating countervailing ideas or even coalescing personalities on the Democratic side to engage the vast numbers of people at or near the center (and don't believe they aren't out there) ready to watch something better than the next totally-rewritten "all new season" of the Bush Show.

Sure, it's great to take hope (and, satisfaction) when thing are going so badly for our "so-called" President. But, how strong are the chances of finally shattering the facade when Bush is primarily left to spin or fall on his own?

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(image: Photo Unattributed/Adbusters Magazine. Nov/Dec 2005. #62. Vol 13, No 6. Cover.)