College: Did You Hear Yet?

06/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today is April 15, which is, as well as tax day, much more importantly, the official college acceptance--or rejection or waiting list--day (though there seems to be a little fudging and slippage of the calendar nowadays). All of high school culminates here.

One's own hideous high school experience is, it turns out, merely continued by one's children. It is, appallingly, the same experience--or even worse. The same monstrous teachers, moronic assignments, and vast collection of misinformation, all designed to somehow trip you up on the way to getting into college. (Many parents put their children through this excruciating experience for free, but some of us--stupidly, and more painfully--pay for it.) A very valid reason not to have children is not to have to go through these terrible high school years again--and not to have to endure that most extraordinary time on the cross: your child waiting to hear from his or her most hoped-for college.

Anyway, after my own torture, and then the torture of my three children, today is the last day of high school for me: My son, my youngest, is a senior.

We have fought the good fight--which, more often than not, was low down and dirty, though sometimes strategic and courageous--and made it to the end.

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