10/02/2009 11:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Is a Snooze--John Edwards Is the Real Story

Barack Obama is an uplifting but, so far, ultimately boring story.

The greatest political saga, the one that has it all, that gets to the real heart of American politics, is the John Edwards story.

It's too bad that, for reasons of shock-shocked morality and heavy political correctness, we can't really revel in it. All good people are required to turn away and express no interest in this tawdry tale. But, in our primness, we're missing something major, and real, and tortured, and spectacular.

This isn't just politics, it's literature. It's the great American novel, the kind that isn't written anymore.

The untold story of American politics is laid out before us: tortured marriages. We've got the smart, grasping, political wife running her inch-deep husband's political career, struck down by cancer. The husband is a liberal-populist candidate, far better looking than his wife, and not half as smart, seeking adoration on the campaign trail.

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