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What Sandra Bullock's Sex Tape Means

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The purported Sandra Bullock sex tape certainly establishes new standards for purported sex tapes.

It may be that, even in the long history of Hollywood depravity, this is the big one: Never before has an actress, a girl-next-door actress at that, been so publicly tagged with an account of such extraordinary sexual behavior. I mean not just suggestions and whispers, but circulating-everywhere details. It may be that there has never been anything that quite exposes the hypocrisy and fraudulence and pure fantasy of the phony-baloney media as much as this. Sandra Bullock, who's made hundreds of millions of dollars off the illusion of niceness and hamishness and old-fashioned nothing-special decentness, is so far out there that even the most gullible will surely never trust the media again. We've all been played for suckers by the pervs, that's the lesson.

Or this might be just another example, in the pile-up of examples, of Internet hyper-reality. The Internet exaggerates everything -- it's a vulgar, loud-mouthed, garrulous, entertaining but boorish friend. We understand this, and discount for it.

Or, perhaps what's most notable here is how Bullock's husband, Jesse James, is applying the blackmail opportunities more and more available in every relationship. Couples have always held damaging secrets about each other. But now, with life in so many instances electronically preserved, those secrets become an easily available weapon and currency.

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