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Caylee Marie: An Angel Guiding the Way

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"Today's announcement that our little angel went home has been heartbreaking to say the least. Caylee Marie's soul and beauty have captured many hearts throughout the world including mine. I came to offer some media support and I'm leaving with a new understanding how devastating it is on these families whose loved ones go missing. I had just moved from Los Angeles to Washington when I started tuning into Nancy Grace, I have the show to thank for bringing this little girl and her family into my life. Despite the circumstances leading to her disappearance, my role was to provide support in keeping her name and picture visible so we could bring her home; I never knew this angel would spark my spirit in such a way that ultimately would impact my life forever. Today is dark, but the tools this case has given me will light a way to brighter tomorrows for all families who never give up HOPE no matter the obstacles they face each day while searching for their angels."

- Michelle A. Bart, Helping Heroes 2008

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