06/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Move on over Justin Bieber, the hot new thing with the teen set is Owl City, aka Adam Young. Chances are even you have his fizzy electro-pop song "Fireflies," on your iPod---it's been No. 1 twice on Billboard, downloaded 1.4 million times, and heard from club to restaurant to Duane Reade. No matter which city they travel to, shows are continuing to sell out. This past weekend, Owl City came to New York to play at Terminal 5 which was packed with a sold-out show.

Owl City is yet another MySpace phenomenon and can thank the social networking site for its fame. Music Unites caught up with Adam to find out about the frontman of Owl City. Adam started writing music in his parent's basement and posted it online after work at a Coca-Cola factory. Out of nowhere, he ended up selling about 2,000 tracks a week which is amazing for an unknown artist. The buzz caught the attention of Universal Republic where he is now signed.

Adam, 23, describes himself as "shy," "not a huge people person" and "not the best conversationalist," which is surprising for someone who performs for packed crowds. His favorite thing to do before shows is "sit in the bus in size XXL gym shorts, eating taco bell and watching Finding Nemo."

That's quite the routine! But while he may like movies, especially "anything by Tim Burton," he does not watch TV except for maybe when his favorite celebrity Shaquille O'Neal is on. For his pop culture intake and to relax, he listens to his itunes and is into wordless music like Telefon Tel Aviv, Helios, and Boards of Canada.

Adam will be touring all over this year, but names Seattle as his favorite place. To get away, he ventures off to Hawaii.

If you're lucky enough to score tickets off Craigslist or through a friend, take the chance while you still can.

By Mara Siegler and Michelle Edgar