Chatter around the Kitchen Table is What Matters -- Media Chatter Does Not

03/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Axelrod got it right this morning on Meet the Press. It is not the chatter of the Beltway and incessant drama making of the television media that matters! It is what everyday Americans are talking about around the kitchen table that matters. Media does not matter! It is why President Obama is signing the stimulus package far away from DC in Denver on Tuesday surrounded by everyday people that are trying to make ends meet, worried about their jobs, their credit cards, their kids and their health care. Let's face it folks we're in deep doo-do (a technical term). Unemployment is rising, banks have frozen their credit lending and health care costs are rising every day in this country; and the worst is not over yet.

So maybe the media can stop grand standing and provoking hysteria, and get down with the real folks. Many are turning off the televisions and not watching the evening cable news shows, except maybe Jon Stewart. It's just too painful. That's good for the online outlets like the Huffington Post, but don't we deserve just a little bit better from the television news pundits?

If its chatter you want, talk to your next door neighbor or your cousin or friend that's been hit by the crushing blows of the decline in this economy. If it's news and commentary - maybe we'll be able to tune in and maybe we won't. Perhaps the day of getting the news, just the news from our broadcasters on CNN, FOX or wherever are limited. And maybe the brilliance of the new online platforms has found its day. Only time will tell.

Frankly, did the President really need to interview with Anderson Cooper in the White House to quell the drama making and sensationalism? Democracy in action is messy business, and it takes time to get things done. Elected officials disagree and fume at one another. This President is trying to let democracy proceed, and remarkably things did get done in less then his first 30 days. Remember we no longer live under the reign of Bush/Cheney, and somehow the television media has got to come to terms with that.

Chatter away folks among one another, and spare the American public. We want to tune in to television news and get the facts, the commentary, and not walk away with our stomachs hurting and our heads exploding. Otherwise, it's off to the blogs we go and thank goodness. High Ho!