06/03/2010 11:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Debacle of Fox News With Greta and Her Interview With Governor Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer was just on Fox News live with sweet Greta questioning the legitimacy of the meeting she just came from in the Oval Office. Greta is even calling for folks to vote on the meeting's authenticity. Was it just a photo-op for the president?

Well shucks, vote NO, not with that beehive hair held in place with industrial glue. Governor Brewer, the wannabe Sarah Palin, awed her audiences -- even the SEIU protestors -- by showing up with big, bad hair and dangling (yes dangling) red earrings. This sure was not a photo-op for the president, but maybe it was for the good governor, who appears to be grandstanding in the name of comprehensive immigration reform.

Remember, this is the same elected official that passed a heinous piece of anti-civil rights legislation. And this is the same governor now calling the president for troops, aerial protection and fences to stop the "siege" in Arizona. It was unbelievable listening to this pseudo interview on national television. If this is what Fox calls breaking news, we are in for a rough ride. It was really tough to take both of them seriously. Brewer was reaching for the proverbial brass ring for the right wing, and Greta was chomping down looking for red meat where there was none. One wonders how many lunatics voted on Greta's web poll.

At the risk of separating families and racial profiling, this good governor is willing to waste her state's resources to defend multiple lawsuits against SB 1070. Is the media really serious? Don't they have an oil spill known as the greatest environmental tragedy of the century to cover?

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