11/17/2007 12:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Four Tenors: Clinton, Biden, Richardson and Edwards

In Thursday evening's debate there were three tenors that hit the high notes. They jostled with one another yet produced beautiful music -- just like the legendary performances of Carreras, Domingo, and Pavarotti.

There was collegiality and competition among them as they competed to sing louder pushing higher and higher: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson.

Amidst all the bravado these voices emerged clearly. They came out of this debate singing with zest and zeal, competing with one another while challenging one another to do better. Maybe they did not agree but each had -- a message, and spoke from a wealth of knowledge. It felt hopeful and not divisive.

The real puzzle was the fourth tenor, John Edwards. We all knew that he had to get tough. But somehow his voice cracked and the message got muddled. He does not wear anger well.

He is a man of great passion, drive and intellect. And on this stage there was more than enough room for yet another tenor, John Edwards.

I know because on Friday night in San Francisco, he spoke with such clarity about his vision for America moving forward fighting for the people everywhere, health care, jobs, and the environment. He was a man on fire, hitting the all high notes perfectly.

The lesson learned is tenors keep on singing, and do not get side tracked or distracted in this presidential election.

Let us keep it among the four of you because you are the likes of the great tenors that changed music forever. This is a chance for us to change America forever and return to a country of honor and prosperity. So all four of you: sing loud and hit the high notes we need to hear.

It would be a shame to give it away to those other less talented "three tenors": Rudy, Mitt and John.