04/04/2013 01:50 pm ET | Updated Jun 03, 2013

Why Are Liberals Falling Down the Rabbit Hole?

Why are liberals falling down the rabbit hole? Oh woe is me, bemoan liberals far and wide across this country. The president is not doing this or that. He's obviously abandoned them, and doesn't love them anymore. In fact, he's left them downtrodden and wailing into the night with no one to hug them. Oy Gevalt, what is this cosmic wrenching coming from this entitled class of beings -- all of whom are living very well and luxuriating in material wealth. It's bad enough that the gun-toting lunatics hate our president, but why now is this part of his base acting out yet again?

Somehow President Obama has become the "lost love" object for many. It's quite fascinating because they act as if he has jilted them. They take it deeply personally when he speaks to other suitors, like the oil barons. How could he? Doesn't he love us anymore? And on and on -- often irrational to the point of obsession. Look, the guys, aka captains of Industry, like to chew the fat when smoking cigars, drinking good scotch and playing golf. So what does Obama do? He plays golf and brings along a famous golfer -- all of which doesn't translate into getting into bed to consummate a marriage. It's only footsie. Calm down folks. He's just doing business. It's the same thing that so many do every day in their day jobs -- that earn them the large sums of money that allow them to be activists. The great irony is that if they were thinking with their heads and not their hearts, they might be applauding these strategic chess moves made by POTUS. Remember, the old adage -- keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer and all that jazz. Consider footsie is just a strategic chess move, not a cigar.

You know, we all want everything right away. It's human nature. Instant gratification is always better. But, as adults we've learned that we can't have it all right now. It just doesn't work like that. But rolling forward, we've got lots of folks running haywire having tantrums. We expect this from the bad folks, but not from members of the same team. Further, tantrums are bad enough at in the privacy of our homes. Often, we even have to put up with them from our partners. But seriously, this is not kosher, to air dirty laundry in public. Liberals are still carrying on like they've been romantically done wrong, and it's just not rational. It's downright messy, and Obama is the strong, silent type. It was always part of his charm and allure. So why now, while most Americans are just crawling out of the recession, getting their lives back on track, and often suffering in a code of silence?