Don't Be The Token Tart At Your Office Party

01/11/2009 05:12 am 05:12:01 | Updated May 25, 2011

Wearing an "inappropriate" outfit to the holiday party can be a career-limiting move. Suddenly, you've gone from capable and talented to... ahem... capable and talented. Before you venture out to toast your colleagues with HR-friendly nog, here's a quick guide to what's naughty and nice attire for the company-sponsored fête.


Don't show too much skin! Thigh-high minis and cleavage-baring dresses are not office-appropriate, which means they're not office-party-appropriate either. This satiny dress with it's surprising v-back (left, $150) is suggestive without being too revealing and it comes in a festive red, too. Or opt for this elegant bow back dress from A.B.S. ($189). Both display class, not body parts.

2008-12-10-lbdclutch.jpg2008-12-10-lbdembellishedcardigan.jpg You shouldn't outshine the holiday decorations. Beading, metallics, and glitter are all fine for holiday outfits, but don't go overboard. The sequins and shimmer should be on accents and accessories -- save the disco-ball dress for a friends-only affair. This fun clutch ($215) or a bold embellished cardigan ($229, was $382), though, would be perfectly in-place appropriately festive touches.

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