Reach Halloween Costume Infamy as Viral Video: Marcel the Shell With Shoes on

10/25/2010 10:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Want instant Halloween costume recognition this year? Of course you do. Dress as Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, this summer's massive video sensation, featuring a talkative shell so miniscule she can ski on human toenails, wears a lentil as a hat, and can hang glide off of a single Dorito (below):

The viral video by Dean Fleischer-Camp, (with the voice of SNL's Jenny Slate), has already proven its ability to entertain to a huge crowd of online viewers -- making it a guaranteed success with your drunken peers, too.


The quick and easy way to put this look together is with this conch shell hat. For $9.99 - everyone will get the picture and you won't have to shell out. (No pun intended.)

Not exactly Marcel's type of shell, but a cool choice regardless, this Etsy couture shell hat ($50) will still be a hit.


Throw on these nerd glasses ($2.99) to emulate Marcel's googly-eyed look.


For extra points, superglue these handmade magnets to the top of your glasses (not the front - so you can actually see) - $2 at Etsy.


Since Marcel doesn't have a body, dress in a neutral, conch-shell color--this American Apparel bodysuit ($24) is perfect.


Marcel The Shell With Shoes On wouldn't be complete without the pink sneakers ($61.10, from $69).

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